Nutrition 101

Do you have kids who would rather eat chicken nuggets and french fries than fruits and vegetables?

We do too— about 300 of them!

Much like the children you know, the students at Three Angels can sometimes be picky eaters and often prefer “kid food” to healthier options. Convincing them to try new, more nutritious foods can be challenging!

Many of these children come to school hungry because there is no breakfast at home— for some, there’s no dinner either. That’s why it’s really important to make sure these kids get good food at Three Angels!

Each student gets a simple breakfast and hot lunch every day. Breakfast is usually bread or crackers with either peanut butter, a hard boiled egg, or milk and a banana. Lunch is often white rice and beans, which the children LOVE! However, that’s not quite as nutritious as some other meals we’ve introduced; for example, wheat bulgar or breadfruit dumplings and vegetables provide more nutrients for these growing children who might not be getting enough to eat at home.

At Three Angels, we want the children we serve to to be healthy, and that begins with education; from eating well to drinking plenty of water to being active and exercising, their good health starts with their own choices.

To help get them started, we recently invited the students at Three Angels Christian Academy to participate in a special nutrition seminar, taught by our own Dr. Laurin and Nurse Tabithas. They learned about the different food groups as they are known in Haiti— “constructive, energy-giving, and protective”— and their benefits, as well as the importance of basic safe food handling, such as washing produce before eating. Everyone got to taste the delicious fruit on display, too!

They say knowledge is power, and we want to empower these children to live their healthiest lives!

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