An Ounce of Prevention

At Three Angels, our promise to the children we serve is not limited to education and orphan care; we also provide the very best quality medical care that we can.

With a full-time doctor and nurse on staff at our clinic, three full-time nurses at Angel House Orphanage, and excellent US- and Canada-based medical professionals providing support, we make these little ones our number one priority! And not only are we able to provide complete care for the orphans and free basic health care to our students, we can also extend care to students’ families, our staff, and the local community for a very low cost.

Nurse Tabithas taking great care of a student

All of the children at Three Angels Christian Academy receive daily vitamins and nutritious food and are taught about healthy eating and living. Around this time every year, our medical staff also provides well checks. Each child is charted with weight and height and has a general check, including dental and vision, and anti-parasitic medication is administered. As you might imagine, it takes a number of days to care for over 300 children. But we make sure every single child receives care. Every child matters.

Woodjina was so brave!

The little ones at Angel House get a little extra attention! On top of vaccinations and detailed measurements for their growth charts, our lead nurse provides physical and speech therapy as needed, and all the children receive special vitamins or supplements according to their needs. Twice-weekly massage therapy with our trained staff is also included for these lucky tots, further promoting their well-being. 

It can be scary for a child to visit the doctor— even the scale can be a fearsome thing until a little one realizes it won’t hurt at all! But our wonderful medical staff, led by Dr. Laurin, provides the very best care with lots of love and smiles. And lollipops!

Lots of measurements are included in the growth charts of children like Jean Jules at Angel House Orphanage

We believe every child deserves health care, and we get to do this because of people just like you who participate in our Sponsorship Program. We are so thankful for each and every one of you!

If you’re not already a Sponsor and would like to join us (or even if you already are and want to add another child!) click here to sponsor a student for $29/month or click here to sponsor an orphan for $49/month. You can also choose to give a one-time donation to help with the many ways we provide care by clicking here.

Thank you for being a part of what we are doing! Together, we are making a difference.

And that means everything.