At Angel House Orphanage, we have provided the highest quality care for abandoned children since 2003. 

We are intent on keeping families together when possible and creating families when needed. We work with Haitian authorities to only admit children who are legally deemed orphans; they have no other family option in Haiti. Our hope is that every child in Haiti could grow up in a healthy Haitian home, yet we realize that for some the best option is to connect them to loving adoptive parents.

While at Angel House, children receive the highest standard of care possible. We maintain a low child-to-caregiver ratio and focus on supporting healthy attachments in a home environment. We provide medical care, physical and speech therapy and adaptive learning opportunities. Caregivers are constantly trained and poured into, as they do the deep work of caring for these special children.

Adoption is available for qualified families through approved agencies. For those who don’t feel called to adopt but still want to help, we have created our Orphan Care Sponsorship Program. Learn more how you can help provide a home for these children:

Considering Adoption?

We have successfully placed over 100 children with families in Haiti, the United States and Canada. Our orphanage, or crèche, is licensed by IBESR (Institut du Bien Etre Social et de Recherches), the Haitian Social Services authority.

The well-being of these children is our highest priority. We maintain an very low child-to-caregiver ratio and strive to create home-like environment. The children have dedicated 24-hour care with assigned nannies to encourage healthy attachments. Nannies are trained in the latest caregiving techniques including tailored play sessions and massage. All children are screened for HIV, Hepatitis, TB and Sickle Cell. They receive regular check-ups and have access to the Three Angels Medical Clinic as well as Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port au Prince.

Adoption Requirements

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the many challenges of adopting from Haiti. Adoptions can take anywhere from 12-24 months from when prospective parents are matched with a child. Haiti has recently altered their requirements:

  • Couples must be married for 5 years
  • One parent must be 30 years of age (single applicants must be 35), no applicant can be more than 50 years of age
  • There is no longer a limit on biological or adoptive children in applicant families
  • IBESR will no longer allow dispensation, or exception, for applicants who do not meet the above requirements

Other Considerations

  • All families must use a pre-approved adoption agency to prepare their dossier and help them through the adoption process. Three Angels no longer processes Independent Adoptions.
  • There is no guarantee that you will be matched with a particular child. IBESR is the final authority on all referrals / matches.
  • Your family will be required to make a two week “bonding” trip to Haiti when given a referral from IBESR. This will included periods of observation between family and child by IBESR.

Process Overview

Your first step is to contact Lifeline Children's Services, our trusted agency partner. Meredith Campbell will help with your specific questions regarding adopting from Haiti. Please feel free to  email or call 205.967.0811.  

  1. Application & Approval. Families must complete the Lifeline adoption application and be approved for adoption from both Lifeline and Three Angels. 
  2. Dossier Preparation: The adoption agency will guide the family through the dossier completion process. This is a lengthy paperwork marathon and it will be necessary to work closely with the agency to ensure the dossier is complied correctly.
  3. Home Study: Families will need to utilize a pre-approved, licensed agency to complete their home study. This is an important part of the process; therefore we require the agency to be familiar with Haitian adoption requirements.
  4. USCIS Approval (US Families only): Home Studies are reviewed by both the Haitian government and the United States government. The office of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will require all applicants to complete an I-800A application.
  5. Child Referral & Selection: After the family’s dossier is completed it will be sent by the agency to Haiti for legal review and submission to IBESR. After submission IBESR will send the parents/agency a referral letter inviting them on a two week bonding trip to meet the child(ren) they are matched with. The parents then confirm that they want to proceed with this match.
  6. The Waiting: This can be a challenging step for any family as the dossier is guided by our legal team through the Haitian adoption process. This is where faith, grace and perseverance will be a requirement. While waiting, we make every effort to provide monthly updates to families including photos, videos and developmental progress. We encourage families to visit as they are able.
  7. Coming Home: The exciting final step when the visa is ready and your child is ready to travel to be with their forever family! This family pick up trip is now required to last at least 6 days per IBESR. 

Ready to get started or have a few questions? Please email Leah Ballock, the Three Angels Adoption Coordinator, or call our office:  661.476.9729.