TWINS!!!! Born about 10 weeks ago, and 10 weeks premature, Louidjy (pronounced Loo-eed-gee) and Louidjyna (Loo-eed-gee-na) have been welcomed into Angel House. The brother and sister were abandoned at a local hospital at their birth. Although small, they act like typical newborns. Louidjy (boy) eats whenever he can, every hour when if can get it, and seems content most of the time. Louidjyna (girl) prefers to be held, and when she wants to sleep, she will sleep no matter what you do. She is more petite than her brother, but is already showing she may have bigger opinions about things!

Both babies are swimming in size 1 diapers and require preemie formula, but should grow quickly. They've been given a thorough once-over by our Nurse Practitioner who was visiting from the States and she is pleased with their progress thus far. Madame Galant will be the primary nanny for these two, which is a great thing as two of her charges will be heading home to their forever families in a few days. It will be a welcome assignment!

As we often say, some are called to adopt, and others are called to support. Please consider becoming a sponsor for one of these babies, as they will be needing lots of loving care. We'd love to send you personalized updates on L&L and would appreciate you becoming a partner in their life! Sign up here: