Hurricane Matthew

Because of your kindness, care and generosity, Three Angels was able to help thousands of people affected by Hurricane Matthew last October. Over 125 tents, 100+ hygiene kits, Cholera medicine, trees, farming supplies and much more were delivered to families in desperate need. Most importantly, 3 large water filtration systems were delivered and installed, along with needed chlorine to provide over 500,000 people with clean water! 

At Three Angels, we know that you also like to make your giving personal. So we connected with some families in need of assistance in rebuilding. Several of our Three Angels staff members have family in the worst hit areas of Hurricane Matthew.  Modeline’s parents live in Les Cayes and their house was destroyed and several family members injured. Natacha’s mom lost everything and her uncle broke his arm as a result of the storm. Clotide, Marie Paul and Manita all had family whose homes and personal belongings were destroyed. Gladys had a brother who passed away and her other brother lost his home. Stephanie, a teacher at our school, has a Grandmother who’s house and farming land were completely destroyed.  

These are just a portion of the more than 20 people we were able to identify, asses the needs, and then provide provisions or funding to rebuild their lives. Below are few photos of the progress.

We are so very grateful to our amazing Three Angels family of donors who support us everyday and when emergencies arise. You are our heroes. 

To see more photos and read a journal of our efforts CLICK HERE