WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Because of the generosity of our friends and donors like you, we were able to provide a full Chicken Dinner for all of our students and their families this Christmas! We took a gamble in asking you all to chip in last December and it was amazing to see the quick response. In less than 12 days, you all raised enough to complete the project. 

After the school Christmas program, the families were excused from the Family Center to go to the schoolroom where all the meals were waiting. We were able to put together a nice meal with about 5lbs of rice and 3lbs of beans, plus tomato paste, spices, oil, and a small tub of butter, all in a pretty nifty tote bag. Once the families got their meal bag they went to get their chicken. There were big smiles all around. Except on the chickens, who were hoping they were a pet and not dinner... 


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