A Big New World for Tresilus

Tresilus’ first day at Angel House

We have another adoption update to bring you, and we’re so excited!

You might remember Tresilus; he came to us in September 2013 and was with us until he went home with his forever family in January 2017. He arrived as a weak 18-month-old who could stand but not yet walk. Although he was quiet and reserved, he seemed happy and friendly nonetheless and adapted quickly. He even smiled on his very first day! With the loving care of his nannies and our staff, it didn’t take long for Tresilus to bloom! He quickly turned into a happy-go-lucky boy with an abundance of personality and charm. Tresilus goes by his nickname, “Tre,” now, and he is healthy and happy and living life to the fullest!

Going home with his family!

We asked Tre’s mom, Stormy, to catch us up on what’s been happening since he went home, and here’s what she had to say:

“I really do wish y'all could see Tre now.  We are working on his life book, and looking back to when he first arrived at Three Angels until now is astounding.  I am in complete awe of our Lord and the special little boy who is our son.”

At the beach with his brother and sister

“Summer is Tre's favorite time of year.  He was so excited to wear shorts again, which we just got to start doing a few weeks ago.  I think he misses the warm weather (in Haiti,) although he is quick to tell me it is too hot during the summer. He still “hugs” the shade when he finds it! When we went to a Touch a Truck event this past fall; it was a little warm, and when he found the shade tent, he picked up the pace and was happy to sit for a few minutes.”

With his big brother, Griffin!

“We went on a family vacation last June to the beach, and he loved it.  Showing no fear as usual, he tackled the waves and wanted to do it all: play in the sand, skim board, and boogie board.  We had plenty of pool days as well, and Tre picked up where he left off his first year with swimming underwater.  When he first learned to swim, he was swimming above water and then by himself in the deep end, jumping off the diving boards, and keeping up with the big kids in no time at all.  By the end of the summer, he was diving too!”

Graduating from Kindergarten— Tre got awards for “Awesome Athlete” and “Perfect Attendance!”

“Tre finished kindergarten in May 2018, but we all agreed that a second year of kindergarten would be best for him, and it truly has been.  Tre learned a lot last school year, but this year he has learned so much more, and he is better able to keep up with the class and really absorb the academics.  His teacher gave him leadership roles this year, and he is doing great.  He made some really good friends at school, and all the teachers and aides love him, of course.  Tre's English is great!  Sometimes he has to be told to slow down and think about what he wants to say because his mouth can't keep up with him mind, but otherwise it is one more way he blows us away.”

“In the fall of 2018, he played soccer, and he was a super star, if I do say so myself.  He took to it like a natural, and we couldn't believe how he went from never playing to dominating.  By the end of the season, other players had caught up to him, and the other teams were learning how to defend our fast and fearless player.  I think one of the things he loved the most was having everyone attend his games, just like we had all done for his older siblings since he came home.  He has the biggest fan section by far, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends coming to watch.  Tre loves the post-game snacks too!”

The soccer super star!

“We had our second holiday season with Tre this past winter.  Tre had a better idea of what to expect this time around, and he really got into Christmas.  Although he doesn't remember details about his first Christmas home, he did share that he knew it was his second one, which was neat to hear.  So many things have happened and changed in his life that I was surprised he remembered.  We continue to talk about Haiti, and he is rightfully proud to tell others where he is from.  Recently, a show on television featured Haiti, so we called him to watch.  He intently watched and told his teacher about it the next day.  He has a Haitian coin he loves to show people, and I am hoping that working on his life book will help increase his knowledge of Haiti and strengthen his memories.”

Showing off his two missing front teeth!

Helping Dad build a box for his money!

“Tre turned seven on March 3, and he is still proudly telling people he is 7.  He always looks forward to getting older, taller, and bigger... like his dad!   He loves to play outside riding his bike, playing basketball, or playing in the woods and creek with his big trucks and machines.  He has an interest in building and likes to figure out how things work. We just recently took his training wheels off his bike because he kept watching the wheels instead of the road. He is good to go with that now and is riding his bike like a pro! He has gotten into superheroes, and Batman is his favorite, but his top requested toys are remote-controlled vehicles, preferably big trucks or fast cars.  Although he got some for his birthday, he still used his birthday money to buy even more, including a remote-controlled train engine that all his other trains could connect to and a remote-controlled crane.”    

At a “Touch a Truck” event— Tre LOVES monster trucks!

 “Tre is still the sweetest boy.  He loves to help and has a really kind heart.  He does have a competitive spirit that can sometimes take over, but most of the time he is the fun-loving, easy-going child he has always been.  His smile and bright eyes light up our lives and the lives of everyone he comes into contact with.  He is funny and silly and very active.  He definitely keeps us on our toes with smiles on our faces! And he is quite the social guy and will strike up a conversation with anyone.”

 “He is growing in so many ways.  Physically, he is growing taller and taller— so tall that people guess he is eight or nine years old instead of only seven.  I already mentioned how much he was learning at school, but recently he has been talking about Jesus, and there seems to be fruit growing there as well.  I share this knowing that all the many seeds that were planted in Haiti are a part of that.  He loves going to church, and he is starting to put some things together, which is such a blessing.  He can list the books of the Bible from Genesis to Esther, too!”

“Music continues to be one of Tre’s loves, and he wants it playing all the time. He is still shy about dancing, which is something they do at school. He comes home instead and asks to learn some of the dances they do there.  He so wants to “floss,” but for the life of him, he can't quite get it!”

Tre got to check out a medical helicopter when he visited a fire station— looks like he had a great time!

“The new place you can see Tre try to floss is on the baseball field.  He is playing for the first time, and he sometimes gets bored in the outfield so we see him flossing— or rather trying to floss!  Baseball has been a harder sport for him to pick up, but he asks to practice all the time, so we have added throwing and catching to our time outside.  At his first game, Tre got three hits! He proudly shares that two of them went into the grass.  He has crazy upper body strength, and he is SO fast!”

“We are nearing the end of the school year here, and Tre is starting to read and do math.  We are so proud of who he is and all he has accomplished.  He has amazing determination and curiosity that will serve him well as he gets older.”

“Overall, our family of five is doing well, and we are blessed in so many ways.  Being together is a true joy, and as the mama, one of my favorite things is seeing our three children together and playing.  Our two older kids are 19 and 15, and we had no idea that Tre would keep them closer to home.  At a time when it is normal for teenagers to be away from home often, we find ours are home more because of their brother.  Tre loves playing with them and spending time with extended family too.  Overnight visits to both of his grandparents' homes are a regular occurrence, and playing with his cousins is a highlight.”   

With his big sister, Kara, on their first day of school!

“I wish y'all had a window where you could watch him grow up.  I know you would be proud and you would see the fruit of your labor and love and prayers.  We continue to be so thankful for each of you.  Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you and know that we are blessed because of Three Angels and Tre’s sponsors, as well as Lifeline.  We are sending lots of love out to you all!”