A Reason to Smile

We recently welcomed Dr. Lenz Patrick Etienne to Three Angels. As our part-time resident dentist, Dr. Etienne is bringing a new layer of healthcare to our mission. Dr. Etienne is working with us two days each month, for now, piloting our new low-cost Dental Program. He told us he feels very welcomed and is happy with the great teamwork he’s part of, and we are thrilled to have him on board!

Ever since he was a child, Dr Etienne has wanted to be a dentist. His dream is to educate the Haitian people about preventative dental care and to be a guiding light and a source of hope and inspiration to his community.

We say he’s off to a great start!

One of the biggest challenges for a dentist in Haiti is educating people on how dental health begins at home. So many, however, don’t think of caring for their teeth until they experience discomfort or pain. By then, the remedy often costs more than patients can afford. Dr. Etienne would like for healthcare, including dental care, to be available to everyone. Until then, Three Angels is here to serve our local community at a low cost, with Dr. Etienne’s help.

Although Port-au-Prince is a large city with many resources available to those who can afford them, few people are informed enough to seek out the care of dental professionals or even practice preventative care at home. Imagine how much more profound the need is in rural areas, where few resources exist and information is scarce. Many rural Haitians do not even have toothbrushes, much less toothpaste or floss or dentists; they use charcoal to clean their teeth, if they bother at all.

Dr. Etienne’s hope is that one day Three Angels would be able to reach out to these people living in remote places too; to educate, to make home dental tools available, and ultimately to provide care. For now, we are happy to open our doors to the children we care for at Angel House Orphanage and Three Angels Christian Academy, the families of our students, our staff, and our local community.

One small bite at a time.

Dr. Etienne thanks his lovely wife and two-year-old son for helping to put this brilliant smile on his face!