Nick's Story

Last October, tiny, two-week-old Nick came to Angel House. He had been found abandoned in a ravine; frail, bruised and malnourished, his leg splinted. But with the love and care of our staff, he began to heal.

Then Nick grew very ill. He was hospitalized with what turned out to be tuberculosis.  Nick spent several months in the NICU being cared for by hospital staff.   Our nannies stayed with him around the clock, watching over him and waiting for the day he could come home again. 

And now he’s home! 

But with significant disease still in his lungs, we are being very careful.  We purchased an oxygen tank so that he would have 24/7 access should he need it… which he sometimes does, especially at night.  Nick will need long-term monitoring of his lungs with one-on-one care for at least the next six month, possibly longer, as he continues to grow stronger and heal. 

And we will be with him every step of his journey.

How can you help?  Please pray for Nick to gain strength and health at home so that he won’t need any future hospital stays.  Please pray for his nannies and nurses, that they will be encouraged and comforted as they care for this little one they love so much. 

What else can you do?  You can also choose to sponsor Nick, which will not only help to provide the basics, but will also help with his extra medical expenses-- medications, weekly doctor appointments, special preemie baby formula, and other needs.

     Click HERE to sponsor Nick for $49/month-- you’ll receive a card with Nick’s picture, and you’ll get special updates too!

     OR Click HERE to help with a one-time donation-- be sure to put “Nick” in the comments!

Without Three Angels and your help, Nick might never have received the rescue and care he’s receiving right now.  Nick is growing healthier every day, nurtured and loved by his nannies, and we thank you so much for that!