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Sensory Training with the nannies

Sensory Training with the nannies

One of the cornerstones of care at Three Angels is to adapt to our children’s needs as much as possible. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for orphan care, especially for kids with special requirements like Daphne. Recently, our staff received training for sensory processing disorder from some of our medical specialists visiting Haiti. Given primarily for the benefit of Daphne, many of the lessons could also be adapted for our other children.

Generally speaking, sensory processing disorder is that there is confusion in sensory input. Sounds can be overwhelming and loud. Smells can be distracting. How a child perceives themselves in space could be off, causing them to not know their own strength or to fall or run into things often. Their sense of touch could be hypersensitive or absent. Learning to speak can be a challenge because a child cannot accurately feel the inside of their mouth. All of these things are a challenge living in a noisy, overwhelming household of toddlers and infants. 

Daphne’s favorite place is the swing. Rhythmic motions like swinging can help calm a child with SPD. Applying pressure can also help a great deal and Daphne responds really well to having her feet rubbed firmly. Brushing with therapeutic soft brushes can also help. The hope is that this kind of occupational therapy will aid Daphne by helping to settle her and gain balance in her senses. 

Daphne is exceptional and deserves exceptional care. Through the generosity of medical professionals and our Orphan Care Sponsors we are able to offer her therapies moving her towards progress. Thank you!