Getting Attached

Over the years, we have seen how critical it is that we intentionally craft how we serve the children at Angel House Orphanage in order to have the best possible outcome once they are home: spiritually, medically, nutritionally, emotionally and academically. Play therapy, an important component of attachment theory, is just one of the ways we can assist our kids in reaching their full potential. 

Courtney Lewis, MA LPCC RPT-S, of Small Steps International, has been working with our staff for several years now. She teaches techniques that are dedicated to helping children develop the neuropathways necessary to develop in psychologically healthy ways. Between the ages of 0 – 3, the child is learning patterns that lead to self-regulation and the ability to connect or attach with others. If a child does not develop these patterns, he or she may struggle emotionally and mentally. 

The nannies and staff at Three Angels are always very responsive and eager to learn. We feel very blessed to have these women on our team who are willing to be nudged outside of their comfort-zone and give so much to the kids at Angel House. 

We are grateful to Courtney and our Orphan Care Sponsors who partner with us to offer this kind of high-quality care to children from hard places.