“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that remains.” – Ann Frank

Miss Marly has been at Three Angels ever since she was in preschool. She was suffering from an extreme case of psoriasis that had just been getting worse over time. This skin disorder made her feel discomfort, both physically and psychologically. She began withdrawing more and more at school and was in obvious pain.

At the Three Angels Clinic, Marly was put on a very specific prescription regimen. Once a week she comes into the clinic after school to be seen by Nurse Clotilde and receive refills. Medications are brought in from the US because they are very difficult to find in Haiti. They are also very expensive; something Marly’s mom could never afford if she was able to find it. There is some residual scarring, but it continues to go away as she uses the medications and creams. She is no longer in pain and has no discomfort.

Marly says “I feel like a princess. The nurses take care of me and have made me pretty again!” She smiles all the time now and is much more outgoing and engaged at school. This is a huge burden lifted from a little girl and her struggling family. This fairytale is made possible by sponsors  and those who support our medical clinic. Because of your help, Marly receives an education, a healthy meal, medical attention and hope for a beautiful future. Learn more about being a significant part of stories like this on our Project 52 page.

**Princess Marly is currently sponsored. But if you’d like to sponsor one of our other wonderful kids please visit our Sponsorship Page.

The joy that Marly now shares was captured in one of our many Facebook updates.