The Big First Day

Emmanuel with mom and baby sister

Emmanuel with mom and baby sister

Last week we admitted a new student into our Preschool program at Three Angels. While walking into a new classroom can be a little nerve-wracking, it's the first step towards a real future. Mothers are keenly aware of this, and Jabette is no different.

We first met Jabette in 2004. She was single, unemployed, quite ill and had just relinquished her only child for adoption. We have stayed in touch with her over the years and have seen her occasionally at the medical clinic. She went on to get married and have two children: Emmanuel, who is now four, and Estelle, who just turned one. Her husband has not been able to find work for a couple of years now, and the family is struggling again. So Jabette came to Three Angels for help, and we started by having her learn how to make BIJOU. She is slowly learning the craft, and has made several ornaments that were sold last Christmas.

Now that Emmanuel is old enough to start school she was facing another large expense that their family could not afford. So she came to Three Angels to see if we could admit him to the preschool program. We are pleased to report that after the proper forms were filled out, birth certificates submitted, and a new haircut was given, we are have a new preschooler!

This is just one story of many that are possible because of our donors, sponsors and BIJOU advocates. When you purchase jewelry, you help her feed her family. When you sponsor a child like Emmanuel, you are offering an open door to education. When you donate, you support their medical care. Together, this is what we do.

Thanks for letting us give him a very warm welcome.