Isn't She Lovely (& Yrvens)?

We had the absolute privilege of raising Lovely and Yrvens since they were infants, and nothing brings us greater joy than to see these kids where they belong - with their family. Although not biologically related, we treated them as brother and sister the moment we knew they were both going to this special family. Below is an update from the Hoovers on what family looks like for them now.

Wow, time certainly flies when you have five kids… especially when two of them are two-year olds! I can't believe it has already been several months since Lovely and Yrvens have been home. 

Since joining our family Yrvens and Lovely have been busy: learning new boundaries, getting to know their big sister and brothers, expanding their English, and getting used to new foods and cold weather. They've been very brave and seem to be adjusting to an entirely new life remarkably well. I know that their exceptional care at Three Angels has helped them have a strong, loving foundation and aided in their transition. 

During the first weeks home they stuck very close to mom and dad, but now, they are feeling more secure and independent. They have lots of fun playing together and also with their siblings. Lovely loves playing with baby dolls, cooking in the toy kitchen, and singing familiar songs. Yrvens likes to go for rides with his big brothers in the electric Jeep, and loves to snuggle with our dog. Lovely is joyful and playful ALL the time (well, unless Yrvens tries one too many times to get a toy that she is playing with). Yrvens is so gentle and tenderhearted and we love all the snuggles we get from him. It has been very rewarding for us to be able to give him the extra attention and snuggles that we could tell he was craving. Now, when we snuggle, he is the one to break away and want to go play, rather than fussing because he doesn't want to stop being held. His love tank is filling up!

We are so incredibly thankful to have them home. They bring deep joy to our whole family. We pray every day for the other children at Three Angels, that God would work through the nannies to help heal their hearts and help them feel loved and secure. We also pray that they would be able to meet their forever families and be home soon.  

Again, we are so grateful for the love and care that Yrvens and Lovely received at Three Angels. When they look at pictures of their friends and nannies they get the biggest smiles on their faces and it's so clear how much love is in their hearts for all of them. 

While we appreciate these kind words, we readily acknowledge that the only way we can serve the children living at Angel House so well is through our supports. Thank you to all of our Orphan Care Sponsors and donors for being an integral part of their lives. 

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