Kenbe Fèm BuildUP

Five years ago, the Kenbe Fèm Family Center was born.

Fast forward five years. Kenbe Fèm has been a busy place, serving our Three Angels students and local community almost daily. It has hosted monthly public health seminars on relevant topics like diabetes, hypertension, and mosquito-borne illnesses. School events such as parent meetings, teacher training, worship, graduations, and enrichment courses have taken place within these walls. It has served as our school lunchroom and a place where single moms learn job skills that help them to earn a family-preserving income. In the five years since Kenbe Fèm’s dedication, it has served Three Angels and our local community well.

Now it’s time to BuildUP.

Five years ago this month, we dedicated the Kenbe Fèm Family Center (click HERE to take a look back.) Now we are ready to take the next big step: BuildUP. This project will include a larger, more modern and better-equipped Medical Clinic and Dental Care Center, an expanded School Library, a NEW Computer Lab, and an even bigger and better space for school and community events. BuildUP will greatly enhance Kenbe Fèm to provide even more support to Three Angels’ school and our community.

Wanna help?

There’s never been a better time for you to partner with us. Thanks to some very generous donors, we have a fantastic opportunity to offer this month— a Matching Grant.

Now through October 31, every gift will be MATCHED dollar for dollar. That means that every gift you give through the end of this month will be DOUBLED up to $10,000!

So your $25 gift becomes $50; your $50 gift becomes $100; your $500 give becomes $1,000… and so on. Think of how much more we can accomplish together when your gift is matched, dollar for dollar!

Now, while we have this incredible opportunity, we invite you to make the most of your giving. Join us to BuildUP and help provide better medical care, enhanced education and skills for the future success of our students, and a safe, well-equipped space to gather.

Are you ready to DOUBLE your giving? Click HERE to for your gift to be matched, dollar for dollar.

*** Stay tuned for updates on this important project! ***