Field Trip!

Last week, our entire student body had the very special treat of going to the Three Angels Farm to learn about agriculture. (There was even a special surprise at the end for the older students… shhhh!)

It took both of our vehicles plus a HUGE rented tap-tap to carry all of our students and their teachers. Although only a few miles away from the main Three Angels location, it took our precious cargo 45 minutes to arrive at the farm.

The students, regardless of age, were wide-eyed and excited to spend time on a real working farm where we grow things like carrots, melons and many varieties of fruiting trees. They took a tour of the farm and shade house and gorgeous old farmhouse. They learned about the different types of trees grown and the benefits to their health and to the environment. For example,  the breadfruit tree produces fruit that is full of vitamins and can’t be used for charcoal (a major pollutant in Haiti.)

Ronald, an apprentice at the farm, explained the hows and whys of grafting plants; it results in fruit that is true to type and a tree that produces sooner than a seedling. Alix, our headmaster, also showed the students the different parts of the soil mix, the plants, and why they are important for healthy soil.
The younger kids may not have understood the grafting of plants, but they sure did enjoy playing around, snacking and looking at the big tractor.
Afterwards was the big surprise. The older kids were told that there might be water at the farm so bring swimsuits or clothes they could get wet. Once the little kids headed back to school, the older ones were taken to a pool at a hotel around the corner!  They were SO excited! For most of them, it was their first experience in a pool.

Thank you to all of our Student Sponsors for providing a day these kids will all remember for a very long time. To become a sponsor and enrich the life of one the kids at Three Angels click here.