Three Angels Christian Academy

At Three Angels, we are big believers in the power of education; it’s woven through all of our programs. Year after year, our school has some of the highest achievement scores in Haiti. However, all the knowledge in the world is foolishness if the heart of the Gospel is not learned.

We named our school Three Angels Christian Academy for a specific purpose — to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. Our students are given the opportunity to obtain education for the mind, food & medical care for the body and to embrace Jesus for their soul.

Christian curriculum is provided for each student. They study from a book called “Joy Step”, where they learn about the story of creation, fall, redemption and restoration. Lessons are adapted to be age appropriate for each grade level. Teachings are also ‘seasonal’ much like they are in the United States. In October the kids begin learning about God as the Great Creator and the effects of the fall and sin. In December, the birth of Christ is studied and celebrated. From January to March the focus is on the person of Jesus Christ, his time here on Earth and studying his parables. In the Spring, as Easter approaches, students focus on the Crucifixion and what salvation means for them.

Our school’s headmaster, Alix,  has a Pastor’s heart; preaching, teaching, serving and living as an example. Alix says, “The Bible is our guide; we read it every day and have some meditation every morning with the students before starting the school day.”  Every Friday, we have 40 minutes to worship God with our students. It is a wonderful time, and visitors to Three Angels are always welcome to join in.

At scheduled meetings and events, the staff is able to share the Word of God with the parents of the school children. “Believe me, we do not have a school in Haiti; we have a Ministry. We serve 300 students and about 400 parents. We cannot teach math and science and forget the Holy bread which is the word of God. Subjects like art and history will pass away, but the word of God stands forever.”