The Christians

It is with immense gratitude that we say goodbye to Kimberly and Ran Christian today. Kim received a fantastic opportunity to become a licensed counselor, but there is a limited time-frame for her to complete her residency in Florida. While we are terribly excited for them, we will miss them greatly. For the last seven months they have poured their lives into serving Three Angels. To say that they were just resident managers at our orphanage would not do their work justice.

Kim and Ran gave the children a glimpse of what family looks like. Affectionately known as “Tati” and “Tonton” (aunt and uncle), the Christians shared their meals with the children, played dress-up, and introduced many firsts to them including movie night, pizza night, an Easter egg hunt, and pool days. Ran became the resident barber and Kim the resident play therapist. The children were their biggest fans and will likely be missing them for some time.

Super Heroes and Rock Stars!

Super Heroes and Rock Stars!

Beyond how they loved our children, Kim and Ran were super heroes of efficiency and resourcefulness. In a country that fights productivity at every turn, they were able to get an amazing amount of work accomplished. Kim oversaw the adoption process with much diligence and persistence, making sure we were always getting done what could be done (which is WAY more difficult than it sounds).  She managed to juggle so many roles, even through Chikungunya  and many other illnesses, without complaining or faltering. Ran always made sure things were running smoothly from tracking finances to waking up at 2am for weeks on end to make sure the generator was still running. Ran was the male presence the children needed, and he was even able to charm the shyest of our babies. Both Kim and Ran embraced the staff at Three Angels as they cared for their needs and listened to their concerns, building trust and relationships.

This couple has served tirelessly and faithfully, never expecting anything in return. We are so grateful for all their hard work and pray that God would bless them as they transition back to life stateside. Thank you Ran and Kimberly!

With great love and respect,

Your Three Angels Family