Becoming Sons

With Orphan Sunday approaching, we wanted to update you on some of our kiddos that are no longer orphans. October marks four months that the twins have been home with their mom, dad and two sisters. Click here to read the first part of their adoption story. Amanda Knotts shares what life is like now that their family includes two beautiful sons.

Kelly and Kevenel are doing amazingly well. We "unplugged" when they first came home to provide a more peaceful time for them to acclimate to so many changes. The 8 weeks of cocooning really established a wonderful bond within our family.

While helping them transition, we have the privilege of coaching them through all of the important toddler milestones. Kelly and Kevenel are eating very well (they would eat pizza every meal if I would let them.) Both boys are sleeping through the night and potty training. They are learning English and have a good command of their letters and numbers. They love parks and splash pads and have enjoyed time at the pool when it was warm. Their two sisters adore them and the feeling is mutual.

It has been so fun seeing their little personalities come to life. Kevenel is the happiest child I think I've ever known; he is loud and full of life. He loves to sing, read books and play with Hot Wheels.  Kelly is Momma's tender cuddle bug; he’s got a heart so full of love. He enjoys coloring, reading books and his ride-on toys. He also loves to pull each of the kids in the wagon (and might I add that he can pull his brother all the way around our neighborhood, which is a third of a mile circle).

The boys had been primarily raised by women at the orphanage so it has been very special to see them attach to their father. Kevenel is especially fond of his dad. They wrestle and Gary spins him in the air.  Gary will say "you want some of this?" and Kevenel responds with "some of dis!" Kelly wants no part in the roughhousing. He's quite tender and would rather that his Daddy just hold him close in his arms.

We still look at them daily and can't believe they are really here. They are a most wonderful blessing to our family. With our daughters and our sons, everyday is sweeter, love is deeper and life is more full.

-Amanda Knotts

The Knotts were kind enough to send a note to the Orphan Care Sponsors who helped support Kelly and Kevenel until they were home with their family:

thank you to sponsors.png