The Power of Sponsorship

Comerson was discarded. His mom abandoned him on the streets of Port-au-Prince, and he was close to death. A street vendor took this severely malnourished and listless baby boy to the local authorities. The social service agency in Haiti (IBESR) contacted Three Angels to see if we would be willing to take him in. In all honesty, this baby was very sick and some were preparing for him not to make it.


He came home to Angel House in April weighing only 5 pounds and was estimated to be around 3 months old. His age was difficult to determine because of how sickly and small he was.  Comerson couldn’t hold his head up and wouldn’t cry. He could barely suck a bottle.
Three Angels was able to get him seen by doctors who determined this little boy had several challenges ahead of him. First, they estimated him to be six to nine months old, not two. Then came the hard hit that he tested positive for HIV. He was battling multiple infections, was severely anemic and in need of a blood transfusion. Comerson was struggling and needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately.

We carefully considered whether we were the right group to properly care for this very ill child. Anyone who works in a country like Haiti understands the risks and the responsibility can seem overwhelming. It can be a scary and expensive proposition. Would he die in our care? Would the staff accept him or would they be too fearful? How will we pay for his care? Would we be able to find sponsors or an adoptive family for such a sick child?

Comerson at hospital.jpg

Yet, looking at our values, our history and our faith, we knew that Comerson was in our care for a specific reason. We asked for prayers and support for this boy because we knew it would take a miracle. Comerson was admitted to the hospital, and our caregivers stayed by his side 24 hours a day for 3 weeks. He received a blood transfusion, IV antibiotics and wound care for his skin lesions. He was given a feeding tube and breathing treatments.

God provided. And as many of us have come to learn, God’s provision most often comes through his people. He wants us to become participants in his miracles.

Today, only 2 months later, Comerson is a different child. He is receiving daily medications to control his HIV, and his treatment is being supervised by Dr. Mike Monfils. Comerson is gaining weight and interacting with his caregivers who adore him. He is even able to sit up on his own now!

It is our absolute privilege to work towards the healing and restoration of this child. And we could not do this without the support of those who believe that the discarded can have hope.

This is what sponsorship can do.