2013 Annual Report

In 2013, Three Angels celebrated its 10-year anniversary serving orphans and at-risk families in Haiti. Over 100 orphans have been adopted into loving homes, thousands of kids have received quality education, and thousands have received medical care. More importantly, countless people have experienced the love of Jesus through the faithful service of staff, volunteers, and incredible partners.

The last two years have been filled with challenge, change, and growth. Haiti continues to fight poverty, disease, and stagnant economic progress. The recovery from the 2010 earthquake still has a long way to go. At the beginning of 2012, this ministry was in recovery. The Angel House Orphanage building remained condemned with no real solution for demolition. We struggled to keep our staff employed through jobs programs and artisan work. But God remained faithful to this work and brought so many of us into a place of dependence and prayer.

What happened was miraculous. God orchestrated a set of wonders that started with the demolition of the orphanage (at no cost thanks to the Japanese UN delegation), the opening of a new orphanage, the launch of our BIJOU jewelry program, the birth of our agricultural program, re-establishing our medical program, and sending our best graduates on to secondary school. Last year ended with a campaign to build the Kenbe Fèm Family Center, which will provide a place to walk local families out of poverty. The first building, The Family Center, has been funded, and we hope to open in the Summer/Fall of 2014.

In 2014, the challenges seem just as big. We are working hard to get 13 orphans home through the arduous adoption process. Our students are flourishing, and we hope to expand classrooms and opportunities for many to go to secondary school. Local families come to us looking for work, and we hope to provide opportunities through agriculture and our expanding BIJOU jewelry program. Our doctor and nurses are improving  and expanding care to many more families. The list goes on. To do this, we need your prayers and support.

Each dollar counts. Each mission trip lifts the load. Every prayer encourages.
Thank you for standing strong (Kenbe Fèm) with us over these years. Please continue to join us as we walk with orphans and at-risk families in Haiti.


In Jesus and in friendship,

Peter DeSoto, Executive Director