One of Three Angels' core values is collaboration, and we do this through a growing number of organizations.

We have seen the power of working together to address the needs in Haiti and to pool our knowledge, experience, and resources whenever and wherever possible.  We currently partner with the following organizations directly in our programs in Haiti:


Church Partner

  • Cornerstone Church SCV - California
  • First Presbyterian Church - Illinois 
  • Glenkirk Church - California
  • Grace Fellowship Tehachapi - California
  • The Journey Church - Florida
  • Kenilworth Union Church - Illinois
  • Lewisville Baptist Church - New Brunswick


  • Mira Mesa 1st Assembly - California
  • Port Orange Christian Church - Florida
  • Oasis Church - Indiana
  • Real Life Christian Church - California
  • St. Francis Xavier Church - Illinois
  • St. Luke's United Methodist - Indiana
  • St. Paul's - Chicago
  • The Sanctuary - California
  • Woodrun Baptist Church - Florida
  • Woodstock Baptist Church - New Brunswick

Become a Partner

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