Sponsor Orphans

One of the best ways your church can participate in Orphan Sunday is to set a goal for sponsoring orphans in Angel House Orphanage.  These children are abandoned from some of the worst situations and your church can help support them during the process of finding them a permanent loving home. 

Download Printable Orphan Sponsor Cards 

Download one of these sponsor cards and display at your church or business.


Praying for orphans can connect the heart of your church in a powerful way. There are many ways to do this, so consider using the following guides as resources to engage your church.

One Hour Prayer Guide
Orphan Sunday Prayer Sample   



For those wanting to learn more about what Scripture says about the cause of the orphan, there are a number of resources. The following guides are great tools to engage your church.

Orphan Table Prayer Guide
Orphanology Study Guide


Recommended Reading

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