Kenbe Fèm Stand Strong 
Wear a T-Shirt & Stand All Day

It’s been over four years since the earthquakes of 2010. The world responded to the outcry from Haiti when hundreds of thousands of lives were lost, and millions of others were changed forever. Much has been done to help, but there is a long road ahead. Three Angels is committed to the long haul and is in the middle of a campaign to build a home in the heart of the city. The Kenbe Fèm Family Center will be on the same property where we have poured into our community over the last 10 years. We will serve hundreds of families in our neighborhoods providing education, medical care, training and jobs. Our dream is that these households will encounter Jesus and move from being “at-risk” to becoming healthy, thriving families; blessing generations to come.

Building this center will require you and others to Stand Strong with families in Haiti. We are looking for 1,000 people who will show their support by purchasing a Kenbe Fèm t-shirt and wearing it in their place of work, play, and community. We want you to go one step further and take the Stand Strong Challenge:

“All Day Long” Because most Haitian families spend all day on their feet … working hard, walking long distances to work and school, plowing other people’s fields, cleaning other people’s houses, caring for other people’s children … we challenge you to try standing for one whole day when wearing your t-shirt. (Eight hours is the target!) Stand at your desk, at school, at church, anywhere you go.  Stand to show your support of families in Haiti.  You can bring awareness to the continued need in Haiti as people ask you what you are doing.

Expect the stares. In fact, invite them! Tell people that you are Standing Strong with families in Haiti, and ask that they do the same.

So, here is all you need to do.

  • Buy a t-shirt HERE
  • Pick a day and stand all day while wearing the shirt. Want to have people pledge donations for every hour you stand? Set up your own personalized donation page HERE.
  • Take a picture of you wearing the shirt and either: