We always appreciate the donations of needed items.

If you or someone you know will be traveling to our site in Haiti in the near future, please consider sending some much-needed supplies with them! As you can imagine, shipping is often an issue, and sometimes it is simply more cost-effective for us to purchase items in Haiti. We cannot currently collect donations at our US offices, so please contact Jane prior to donating at threeangelsoffice@gmail.com if you would like to help or would like a more extensive list of needed items.  As always, please make sure medications, food, and formula are not soon-to-be or already expired:


Toddler formula (please check expiration dates)
Baby lotion
Pedialyte (or other electrolytes; powdered, please!)
Hand sanitizer refill bottles (large)
Trash bags (5-, 10-, & 13-gallon sizes)

Rolls of high-quality contact paper
Manila folders
Ziplock bags (2- & 3-gallon sizes)
Pink Pearl erasers

Clorox wipes

Alcohol pads

BIJOU – Three Angels Jewelry
Empty, clean cereal boxes (any box will do as long as it is thin like a cereal box)
Scrapbook paper

For more information please contact Jane Rouse at threeangelsoffice@gmail.com.