Construction Teams

Assemble a group to identify a needed construction or maintenance project on one of the 3 properties in Haiti. Your team can raise funds for the project and bring both skilled workers and those that can simply help with a shovel. There is always something to be done.


Medical Teams

Our medical clinic serves the orphanage, school, and broader community.  Teams come alongside local professionals to support, equip, and serve their daily work. The skills and resources from medical professionals encourage and enhance the local Haitian team.

They do this in the following ways:

  • by providing specific training in various areas of practice and procedures

  • by resourcing the clinic in medicine, supplies, and equipment

  • by performing clinics to serve special needs patients

  • by partnering with local hospitals and medical providers to strengthen Three Angels' local network

Ministry Teams

Churches and other groups can plan a variety of ministries reaching students and families of those served by Three Angels.  These projects are planned in close collaboration with local staff to ensure that they enhance the long-term programming aimed at sustainable impact.  


To find out more about how to form a team, please contact Jane Rouse at