We are using this land to help teach crop development, create jobs, fund our programming and feed our kids! Produce, like everything, is extraordinarily expensive in Haiti. An ear of sweet corn is about $1 (US). Watermelons can go for between $10-$15. (They are often sold by the slice because families cannot afford a whole melon.)

How does this tie in to our Orphan Prevention model? By strengthening the family.

As we’ve seen with our Artisan program, when families are strengthened, children are served. We’ve already had some success in coaching families to utilize breadfruit trees and breadfruit products to increase their income. And we are looking forward to being able to use The Farm to teach our school kids and the local community about the science behind agricultural development. The Farm has already been a fantastic platform to to share the metaphor of planting in good soil and building deep roots in the Gospel. We look forward to the Harvest!


Three Angels is partnering with Trees That Feed Foundation.  Their mission is planting trees to feed people, create jobs and benefit the environment. Many tropical countries experience hunger, yet many species of trees produce edible fruit. They provide the best varieties of these trees, while being sensitive to the environment. They supply trees, equipment, training, and help develop local marketplaces.  Most of the work thus far has been planting breadfruit trees in Haiti and Jamaica.