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OCTOBER 20, 2016

It has been a very busy week! While certainly not as smooth as we would have hoped, the mission to the south of Haiti is going well! Earlier this week the Three Angels truck was loaded up with supplies to deliver to areas near Dame Marie, an area absolutely devastated by Hurricane Matthew. We've uploaded photos of the week below.

Because of your kindness and care, 125 tents, 100+ hygiene kits, Cholera medicine, trees, farming supplies and much more were delivered to families in desperate need. Most importantly, 3 large water filtration systems are being delivered and installed, along with needed chlorine to provide over 500,000 people with clean water! 

The trip was not without it’s troubles. Eric, Christine, and the rest of the team had a delayed departure due to safety and road closure concerns. Once on the road, the universal joint on the main driveline of Eric’s truck blew. After that was replaced (by purchasing it from a passing truck, removing theirs and replacing ours) there was a flat on the trailer! While Eric was repairing that, he noticed the spring shackle snapped. Because he is a master welder, he was able to fix it on the spot! Once they made it to Dame Marie and off-loaded some relief supplies, they headed further up north by boat to deliver more items. 

“The Lord must have a sense of humor” is something Eric probably muttered a few times. At one point, they had to clear 6 miles of roadway to get to Anse-d’Hainault to set up another water treatment plant. Eric was prepared to use chainsaws and his truck wench. But then he saw a backhoe on the side of the road. They said it had broken down and was unusable. Of course, Eric was able to asses and fix the backhoe! Even better? He just happens to know how to expertly operate big machines and set to work clearing the roadway! 

Even though news coverage has tapered off, the negative effects of Hurricane Matthew are only increasing. The damage will have a long-range negative impact on the people of Haiti. The Hurricane has destroyed almost every crop and fruit-producing tree in the South. There will be massive food shortages. While distributing trees from the Three Angels farm and agricultural equipment, it is clear that the resiliency of Haiti’s people will once again be tested. The remainder of this week will be installing the third water filtration system and training the people in the community to use the systems correctly. 

Currently, we are asking for your prayers and continued financial support. Eric, Christine and the team will be making the trek home and will face some pretty treacherous roads and weather. Please pray for wisdom, safety and provision. THANK YOU!



OCTOBER 12, 2016

Crisis is not the word to describe it. You need a stronger word.” E.Moise - Haiti

There is an urgent, desperate need for clean water. We are not overstating this. Cholera is on the rise, and aid has not yet reached many areas destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, specifically Dame Marie. After doing our homework, this is where we can be most effective in both the short and long term. 

Very little aid has made its way to this community of roughly 40,000. After more than a week, there is still no drinking water available. Residents are surviving on coconut milk from downed trees and any stored water they may have had. Cholera has already made it’s presence known and will only spread faster with the fetid rivers. The situation is critical, and clean water is the primary need.

With your help, this can be done immediately and effectively. Clean water will be quickly provided to this hurting community. We are using local resources and working with established local organizations to gather the necessary equipment. Our in-country director, Eric Helgemo, will personally oversee the projects and provide his engineering expertise.

Please join us today in any way that you can. In addition to donations for the clean water project, we would like to be able to load up a large trailer full of potable water, food and other necessities. We covet your prayers for Eric's safety and effectiveness on his trip to Dame Marie.


October 11, 2016

WHY THE WAIT? Because we want to do it right. Too many people rush in with good intentions. We want you to know we are doing our homework. We are assessing. We are asking hard questions. The goal is to update you later today with how your donations will be used to help, not further hurt, the Haitian people.

"Relief aid should be empowering. It should be delivered quickly to meet urgent needs, not be used as a permanent channel for relieving normal stress and pain associated with development woes. In times of tragedy, it is important to distinguish between the do-gooders and the predators. It is quite easy for predators to have the upper hand when they can cast themselves as valuable intermediaries...

Haiti is a relatively vibrant society endowed with smart and resourceful citizens who have a better idea of the possible than even the most diploma-laden foreign experts. We shouldn’t assume that Haitians are so impoverished and weak that they can’t fend for themselves. We just need to ensure that domestic resources are supplemented, not supplanted."

The Guardian October 6, 2016


OCTOBER 5, 2016

First, know that our Three Angels family is okay! Our staff and volunteers are accounted for, and the children at the orphanage are all doing well. Alix Charles, our headmaster, is going out today to check on some of our students and their families who may not have fared as well. The incredibly heavy rains most likely led to the ruin of many homes and livelihoods in our area.

Three Angels remains open. Even though we are a little rattled and soggy, we will be seeing patients at the clinic. It will remain "business as usual" as we care for the kids at Angel House Orphanage. Haiti has called off school for the time being, but our school will remain open so that we can continue to feed our students. It is often the only meal they get on a good day. We are actively assessing the situation in and around Three Angels and will provide more updates as we can.

THANK YOU so very much for your support and prayers over the last couple of days. It is incredibly assuring to know our partners are with us. Your Facebook and Instagram messages are always read and appreciated! Many of you have asked what you can do to help:

Please continue to pray. Often after a disaster, the needs can change on a dime. Pray that we are watchful and wise in our decisions and can provide the best possible care to those in our neighborhood. Join us in giving thanks to God in his mercy and provision.

Sponsor a student or a child at the orphanage. Sponsorships are one of the reasons we are able to be here in a time of need for these kids. Your monthly gift allows us to make real investments and provide a solid foundation so that when trouble comes, we can be there.

Donate today. Your gift, in any amount, will help provide for needed repairs and sustained care for those in our neighborhood. Please donate today. 


 :: Photo credits - Radio Television Caraibes