What does jewelry have to do with Orphan Care? 

The jewelry created by our Artisans works to interrupt one of the primary factors involved in women relinquishing their child to an orphanage: lack of income. Most children in orphanages in Haiti are there because their mom was in a desperate financial circumstance. We feel relinquishment is a choice a mother should never have to make. A source of income can mean the difference between an orphan and an intact family.

How is the jewelry made and who makes it? 
Each piece of BIJOU is hand-crafted by our Artisans in Haiti. They were trained under the direction of The Apparent Project. Our Artisans have learned to cut, roll and lacquer paper into quality beads; each piece being as unique as the woman who made it.  

How does the Artisan in Haiti get paid? 
The women you see on each tag are paid directly and immediately for their efforts. By utilizing word-of-mouth marketing and selling through individuals we are able to protect the profits so that more goes into the pocket of families and into the program that supports their success. This is a unique and effective way to truly make a life-long impact on children and their families in Haiti and we hope you wear your piece with pride.

How do you get your own BIJOU? 
We invite you to host a jewelry party at your home, office, church or any place where people gather. We’ve made it as easy as possible to do the most amount of good. Place an order, receive a box of BIJOU and spread the word.


Start Shopping!

  1. Visit our BIJOU online store OR
  2. Email us and ask for a Party Box.
  3. We will ship a unique assortment of BIJOU directly to you.
  4. Host your party and have fun!
  5. Collect the proceeds and send them back to us along with any unsold jewelry.

THATʼS IT!! Your work is done, and you will have made a meaningful impact on our Haitian artisans! Download our info sheets below to learn more.

BIJOU How-To Sheet

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